Allen Silver Sacred Intimate




When two men come together in a safe place of 
connection, truthfulness and openness 
tremendous healing and growth is possible.


Add to this a willingness to explore any 
wounds & desires, 
connect erotically 
and be utterly shameless.


Such a connection can't be anything but wonderful.


I invite you to connect with me in this way.





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Currently in:
San Francisco

Feb. 1 - 7: Not Available

Feb. 8 - 22: San Francisco

Feb. 23 - 29: Orlando FL

Mar. 2 - 19: San Francisco

NYC: Mar. 20 - 27: New York City

Mar. 28 - Apr 4: Washington DC

Apr. 7 - 10: Not Available 

Apr. 11 - 26: San Francisco

Apr. 27 - May 1: Philadelphia

May 2 - 4: Albany

Gay Coaches Conference: May 5 - 8

May 9  - 16: New York City

May 17 - June 6: San Francisco

June 7 - 11: Not Avaialble

June 11 - July 6: San Francsico

July 7 - 13: Washington DC

July 14 - 17: Not Available

July 18 - 23: Eros Spirit Camp

July 24 - 27: Albany

July 28 - 31: Not Available

Aug. 1 - Sept. 7: San Francisco

Sept. 8 - 14: Chicago

Sept. 15 - 22: New York City

Sept. 23 - Nov. 2: San Francisco (?)

Nov. 3 - 7: Philadelphia

DC: Nov. 8 - 15: Washington DC

Nov. 16 - 23: New York City

San Francisco: Nov. 24 - ...


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